Hiking Wilson Trail – Stage 2

Reaching the end of the 1st stage of the Wilson trail was supposed to be the end of the planned hiking for the day but, instead, we decided to continue on and make the most of the beautiful day.

We crossed the road next to Parkview and started hiking up the stairs to Jardine’s lookout, then past the quarry, two outdoor kitchens (built for catering people in case of Japanese invasion) , several BBQ and exercise areas and all the way to Kornhill and then Tai Koo MTR.

I know this trail well. It is one of the most beautiful on HK Island because of the exceptional views from Jardine’s lookout. It’s not a difficult hike and has just the right amount of stairs to make you feel tired and satisfied after finishing.

Willson Trail - Stage 2

Willson Trail - Stage 2-2Parts of the Wilson trail coincide with the Hong Kong trail (Stage 5).

Willson Trail - Stage 2-3

Willson Trail - Stage 2-21

Willson Trail - Stage 2-5

Willson Trail - Stage 2-22My favourite view from Jardine’s Lookout. Perfect for a day or night hike. Probably the most popular spot to see the fireworks during NYE or Chinese New Year.

Willson Trail - Stage 2-9

Willson Trail - Stage 2-10

Willson Trail - Stage 2-11Just past the quarry there’s a tunnel.  It used to be boarded-up but now there is clear access to it. I climbed inside with a torch last time I was here. Left over from the war, the tunnel runs through the hill (about 40meters) to the other side. It is wide enough to easily get through.

Willson Trail - Stage 2-12Views of Mt. Butler.

Willson Trail - Stage 2-13Tai Koo.

Willson Trail - Stage 2-14Kornhill.

Willson Trail - Stage 2-15Great running trail.

Willson Trail - Stage 2-17Kwun Yam Shrine.

Willson Trail - Stage 2-16Every time I come here there are new statues. This shrine is very well taken care off. There are always fresh flowers and lit incense.

Willson Trail - Stage 2-19Almost at the end of stage 2.

We killed our calves muscles that day. It was hard to walk the next day but considering the fact that it was the ONLY day of week without rain it was so worth it to be out there amongst all the green, with blue skies above us and surrounding silence. I am excited with the prospect of walking the rest of the Wilson trail in the coming weeks.

Stage 2 Wong Nei Chung Reservoir –> Kornhill 4.5km

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