Floating and letting go

Recently, we tried something new in Bangkok: a session in a flotation tank. Also known as sensory deprivation tank/isolation tank, it was invented by American neurophysiologist Dr.John C.Lilly in 1954 as a form of modern-day floating therapy. It is said to help with reducing stress, anxiety, heart rate, blood pressure and muscle tension. It seemed like the ideal thing to try after my disastrous cupping therapy session.
I heard about a flotation tank center opening last year in Hong Kong. I was curious and  before going for a weekend away, found out that a similar place was available in Bangkok and booked sessions for both of us.
There were only two of us in the center. We were told what to do and what to expect: remove everything (inc jewellery), shower, put the earplugs in, lay down in the tank and just relax.
Inside the float pod in the dark with nothing on except earplugs, I played with being weightless. After the meditative music and lights went off, I focused on my body and on my breathing. In and out through my nose and deep into my stomach. ‘Letting go’ with every exhalation. There was only complete silence and darkness surrounding me. My mind must have gone blank. I was completely relaxed and in my own little world without any distractions. I did let go.
An hour has passed very quickly and the quiet music was on again. Did I fall asleep? I wasn’t sure.
I loved the sensation of floating effortlessly and I enjoyed the new experience but it is certainty not something I need in my life. I can easily ‘turn off’ at the end of a yoga session and floating for me felt like a spa treatment. However, I believe that it could benefit Husband on a regular basis. His days are very intensive, stressful and full-on. No time or occasion to turn off. He wants to do again and if I am around I will tag along as well. Next time I think I’d like to try a float room instead of a float pod (higher ceiling and more space).

Floating away-9

Floating awayDo: Shower before (and after) entering, turn off the outside room lights before entering, cover any cuts or scrapes with Vaseline, remember to wear the earplugs. Don’t: Touch your face or rub your eyes, push the call button …unless you need us (remember the light is on the right!), wear contact lenses in the pod or worry!

Floating away-3Closed pod.

Floating away-4There are 600kg of Epson salts in the water in each pod (making the water more dense than the Dead Sea). The water is kept at 35.5C (98.7F). The perfect temperature to make you loose track of the barrier between the water and your body.

Floating away-2

Floating away-7Refreshing drink, snack and book about floating to browse through after your session.

Floating away-6There are a couple of walls covered with photos of relaxed customers.

There is a floating center  in HK. I am sure sooner or later I will give it a try.  And I am certain that this year I will be booking a slot or two for Husband.

Theta State
88/1 24th Avenue Mall, 1st Floor A4/A5/A6
Soi Sukhumvit 24, Khlong Ton, Klong Toei, Bangkok 10110

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