Lunar New Year Fair in Victoria Park

Every year since arriving in Hong Kong, I go to the Lunar New Year Fair in Victoria Park. It is a tradition for thousands of Hongkongers and one of many here which turned into my small yearly ritual where I pick up an auspicious bunch of peach blossoms and pussy willow.

I went through Victoria Park on the opening day (2nd of Feb), most of the sellers were still setting up their stalls, unloading thousands of flowers and arranging their goods. Yesterday, I went back with friends. It wasn’t too crowded as it was just after lunchtime. Everything was ready for the thousands of customers which will flood Victoria Park in the coming days.

Half of the fair is taken up by flower stalls: Mandarin trees in all sizes, thousands of orchids in every colour, lilies, bamboo, pussy willows and plum blossoms. We admired beautiful orchids, stood amongst fragrant peonies, compared prices between vendors and tried to find out the names of plants unknown to us.

The other half of the fair was stalls with of toys, CNY decorations, games, windmills, balloons, household items and many red and gold objects. As expected, there’s a Monkey theme to most of the products on sale.  There are also cuddly toys and pillows/cushions (in all sorts of shapes – but doughnuts seem to be the most popular). It seems that there are more food, traditional sweets and snacks stalls this year.

I liked relaxed and not crowded visits to the fair but I am also looking forward to going on one of the coming evenings where Victoria Park will be packed wall-to-wall with happy shoppers and their families, smiling kids with their new toys, shouting sellers and different music from every stall. It is a must.

Lunar New Year Fair 2016-2

Lunar New Year Fair 2016-15Selling peach blossoms and lilies.

Lunar New Year Fair 2016-6

Lunar New Year Fair 2016-3Potted shrubs of Kumquat or mandarin oranges. They are traditionally given to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Lunar New Year Fair 2016-16Peach Blossom.

Lunar New Year Fair 2016-10Orchids.

Lunar New Year Fair 2016-5Imported from Japan.

Lunar New Year Fair 2016-6More mini trees.

Lunar New Year Fair 2016-4Future Narcissus – a symbol of good fortune and prosperity.

Lunar New Year Fair 2016-26

Lunar New Year Fair 2016-2New Year Fruit. Decorative, but poisonous (if eaten) fruit with a surprising name: Cow’s Udder.

Lunar New Year Fair 2016-13

Lunar New Year Fair 2016-14Will they bloom by Chinese New Year?

Lunar New Year Fair 2016Chrysanthemums of every colour.

Lunar New Year Fair 2016-11Probably not a size suitable for the average HK apartment.

Lunar New Year Fair 2016-24My Neighbor Totoro.

Lunar New Year Fair 2016-17

Lunar New Year Fair 2016-8

Lunar New Year Fair 2016-19

Lunar New Year Fair 2016Locally grown vegetables.

Lunar New Year Fair 2016-3Our snacks.

Lunar New Year Fair 2016-8The Year of the Monkey will start from February 8. Monkeys are everywhere at the fair.

Lunar New Year Fair 2016-5Not crowded… Believe me. It will get a lot more packed than this!

Lunar New Year Fair is open from 12pm-12am every day until the 6th of February. On the 7th February, will be open until 6am the NEXT day.

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