Hiking Wilson Trail – Stage 4

I had been waiting anxiously for a good hiking day. I wanted blue skies and didn’t care about the temperature. Since Monday I kept checking the weather and eventually saw several perfect hiking days forecast.

After the 3rd stage of Wilson and a couple of hikes around HK Island, I headed with a friend to Kowloon to continue on Wilson. It was a cold but beautiful day. From Choi Hung MTR station we were eager to start hiking and jumped in the taxi and got off at Tseng Lan Shue village. This time we were prepared with photos and map for the driver. We followed the sparse green arrow signs through village and managed to find the proper trail. It was a woodland area for awhile. It was a very quiet and peaceful, relaxing walk along a path with overgrown tree roots until we started the upward part to Tate’s Pass. This climb must have been the reason for this hike to be described as “difficult”. Long stairs of steps up all the way but with rewarding views of Sai Kung.  After the climb we followed an asphalt road until we reached the best viewing site for admiring Hong Kong, easily accessible by car. We stopped for a long lunch (with hot coffee) and just enjoyed being there.

From there it was just an easy walk downhill until we reached Sha Tin Pass Estate and luckily stumbled upon a taxi which took us back to Wong Tai Sin MTR station.

Wilson Trail Stage 4At Choi Hung MTR station.

Wilson Trail Stage 4-2A lovely trail.

Wilson Trail Stage 4-4

Wilson Trail Stage 4-3

Wilson Trail Stage 4-5

Wilson Trail Stage 4-6I looked up and found beauty.

Wilson Trail Stage 4-7There were lots of steps.

Wilson Trail Stage 4-8Beautiful views of Sai Kung.

Wilson Trail Stage 4-9It always surprises me how many graves are along the difficult trails.

Wilson Trail Stage 4-10

Wilson Trail Stage 4-12Great road for bikers.

Wilson Trail Stage 4-13Hong Kong in full glory. This is were we enjoyed our lunch. A perfect spot.

Wilson Trail Stage 4-14With hiking buddy: Jackie.

Wilson Trail Stage 4-16

Wilson Trail Stage 4-19

Wilson Trail Stage 4-20Densely packed high-rise blocks of Diamond Hill.

Wilson Trail Stage 4-21Lion Pavilion at Sha Tin Pass.

Wilson Trail Stage 4-22Sighting of Monkey. Just before the year of the Monkey.

Wilson Trail Stage 4-23Kwun Yam Temple.

Wilson Trail Stage 4-24Railings are a very popular place for drying clothes and bed covers/sheets in Hong Kong (at least on the Kowloon side).

Stage 4 Tseng Lan Shue village –> Sha Tin Pass 8.0km

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