Pick-your-own strawberries

Strawberry Farm-8

I love strawberries: plain, dipped in chocolate, drowned in whipped cream, on peanut butter toast, in a cake, tart or desert and (of course) in coctails. Love them. And freshly picked berries by your own hand are even more delectable. With strawberry season upon us we drove (an hour away from East London) to Spencer’s Farm to pick our own fruits. We kept ‘tasting’ while picking the pretties and reddest of berries. The smells of sweet strawberries was overwhelming. Delicious taste reminded us of childhood. Summer months spent at our great-grandmother’s countryside house. Picking apples, berries, during day for snacking. Being sent to the garden with a basket or a bowl to bring ingredients for lunch or dinner.  Happy, good memories.

Strawberry Farm-22

Strawberry Farm-19

Strawberry Farm-7

Strawberry Farm-5

Strawberry Farm-6

Strawberry Farm-3

Strawberry Farm

Strawberry Farm-10

Strawberry Farm-17

Strawberry Farm-9

Strawberry Farm-16

Strawberry Farm-15

Strawberry Farm-18

Strawberry Farm-21

During our visit price per kilogram of strawberries was £4.29 (£1.95 per lb).

Spencer’s Farm Shop
Park Rd, Wickham St Paul, CO9 2PX

2 thoughts on “Pick-your-own strawberries

  1. Berries! Strawberry in dark choco or just drizzled with honey…. yum!
    In our country, we have Baguio that offers the Pick-Your-Own-Strawberries… the peak season is during summer though. Now craving for berries!

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