Souvenir & food shopping in Riga

Riga - Shopping-9

Baltic countries are easy for souvenir shopping, there is always an overwhelming amount of amber, linen and wool. My friends shopped for amber jewellery, linen tablecloths and hand-made decorations. It wasn’t difficult to find something truly original to take back home.

I mostly focused on sweets and food from Riga Central Market. My favourite are milk toffee candies called ‘Gotina’ (highly addictive). And food at Riga Central Market is simply glorious: handmade chocolates, dark bread, farm-made cheese, honey and seasonal fruits to snack on while shopping. One cannot leave Latvia without most famous gift: a bottle of Riga Black Balsam. This liqueur dates back 200 years and it was intended as a cure-all elixir (45%).

Riga - Shopping-7Traditional amber and silver jewellery.

Riga - Shopping-5Amber is called a sun stone in Latvia.

Riga - Shopping-3Traditional Latvian Wool Mittens.

Riga - Shopping-4Matryoshka nesting dolls.

Riga - Shopping-2A must: fridge magnets.

Riga - Shopping-6

Riga - Shopping-11

Riga - Shopping-22

Riga - Shopping-20Caviar in can.

Riga - Shopping-21Caviar.

Riga - Shopping-19Luxury caviar.

Riga - Shopping-18Smoked fish.

Riga - Shopping-10

Riga - ShoppingSweets from Laima chocolatier.

Riga - Shopping-12


Riga - Shopping-13

Riga - Shopping-23

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