Weekend in Helsinki

I was in Tallinn with friends and after they left to continue on their travels I decided to jump on the ferry to Helsinki. I was tempted by unknown destination, my first Scandinavian country and the fact that it was only 2hrs ferry ride from Tallinn. Wanted to see how much the architecture and cuisine was influenced by the closest of Russia, walk the streets check out cute coffee shops and admire famed Finnish design.

Helsinki did not disappoint. I loved the wide streets, architecture, museums, Helsinki’s southern coastline, cinnamon buns, funky shops and colourful motifs of Marimekko’s fabrics.
I loved the quietness of the city during summer weekend. No crowds, no rushing.

helsinkiOn the ferry from Tallinn.

helsinki-47Building of Helsinki Central railway station. It was designed by Eliel Saarinen in 1909.




helsinki-11Uspenski Cathedral (largest Orthodox cathedral in Western Europe).



helsinki-13Helsinki Cathedral










helsinki-27Monument by Eila Hiltunen in the Sibelius park.

helsinki-28The world famous composer Jean Sibelius’ (1865-1957).

helsinki-29Monument resembles organ pipes and is made of welded steel.

helsinki-30It is built of over 600 pipes and weighs 24 tons.


helsinki-35Best views over the city are from the Altajee bar found via a skinny, windy, circular staircase at the top of the Torni hotel.

helsinki-36Superb views in very direction.

helsinki-37Inside Helsinki Central railway station.

helsinki-51The Rock church (Temppeliaukio). The church hall is covered with a dome, lined with copper and supported on the rock walls by reinforced concrete beams.

helsinki-50Beautiful design by Timo and Tuomo Suomalainen.



helsinki-43Design Museum.

helsinki-42Navis Republicae by Lennart Segerstrale.

helsinki-44There is a very extensive exhibition of work and life of designer Eero Aarnio at the moment. Cannot miss it when in Helsinki.



2 thoughts on “Weekend in Helsinki

  1. I am impressed about Your nice set of beautiful Helsinki photos. Thank You. Someday, if possible, you should visit to real Finland, which is outside Helsinki.

    Happy ad safe travels!

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