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  1. I have had a similar experience with living in China, I live only about 2 hours away from Hong Kong in a city called Huizhou, and I have to say I LOVE going to Hong Kong. Although it is only over a small border, the difference between the two is huge! And often i go a bit crazy here in the mainland and Hong Kong is just the right amount of the west to straighten my brain out!
    Are you still living in Hong Kong now? Just out of interest, what camera do you use?



    1. Hello James,
      Yes, I am still living in Hong Kong. It will be 4 years in October. It is a great place and very easy for expats. I enjoy being here and hope to stay for several years more.
      Since December 2013 I have been shooting with a Sony A7 and 35mm F2.8 lens. I love it. It is a nice, small camera and perfect lens for walking around. Highly recommended.
      How is life in Huizhou?

      1. I have heard loads of good things about the Sony A7 series, full frame in a more compact system! Certainly appealing! I have my eyes set on eventually getting a canon 7D MK2, as wildlife photography is really where my heart is. Unfortunately though here in Huizhou there is very little of it left! Life here is ok, fairly relaxed, but i find myself often getting a bit frustrated with Chinese people in many ways! How are the politics effecting you at the moment in HK?

      2. Canon 7D MK2 looks good! I am sure you will plenty of fun shooting with it. I wanted something small to be able carry in my handbag and less intimidating when taking photos of people.
        Politics? I try to stay as far away as possible.

  2. Hi there Silent Skylark…
    i am juan fr Indonesia, great to find your blog here…u have such great stories and photographs here.. i was actually looking for many stories bout Maciek, a great photographer i admire a lot, and i found your blog which gives me lots of stories bout him and also your awesome photography journeys .
    Just wanna say thanks for your stories here..wish you have a great time in life and in your photography path.
    all the best….

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